High School Invitational Test – Print Version


Eg. 12/4/2022 (contact ASW if date changes)

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High School Invitational Test  (only available to schools hosting a meet)

The invitational test includes all testing materials in PDF format along with an audio file (fast track). The fast track is intended to serve as a tutorial for your pronouncer and is not to be used in lieu of a pronouncer. This selection does not come with the online computer license.

Important Ordering Information: You must provide the contest director’s name, email address, and the date of your meet so that we can send you the PDFs along with the audio file. Please contact ASW directly if your meet does not fall on a Saturday so we can make sure that we can accommodate it. Be sure that our email address is not filtered or blocked by your security filter. All invitational tests will be available approximately 1-2 weeks before a scheduled meet.

Our testing calendar runs mid-October through the first week of March.

March 8, 2025 is the last invitational weekend with a test available.

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