Online High School Invitational Test


Eg. 12/4/2023 (contact ASW if date changes)

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Online High School Invitational Test (only available to schools hosting a meet)

Testing can be administered on any device. An essential requirement is strong, reliable internet. An email containing login information will be sent approximately one week prior to the event date. The contest director will be able to access all necessary instructions and videos from the email and from the testing website. A hard copy of the test can be printed by the contest director one day before the meet for reference. On the day of the meet, the test can be turned on so that spellers can log in and take the test (headphones/earbuds required). The contest director can monitor progress on a dashboard. Once the test is turned off, the spellers are ranked. Results and graded papers can be printed by the contest director. For more details, please watch our instructional videos on our website under FAQ. Please contact ASW with any questions.

Important Ordering Information: You must provide the contest director’s name, email address, and the date of the meet so that we can send the login information. The testing date is set in the online system. If the date changes, you must contact ASW. Be sure that our email addresses ( and and testing website ( are not filtered or blocked by your security filter. ASW is not responsible for any testing irregularities caused by weak or faulty internet access or user error.

Our testing calendar runs mid-October through the first week of March.

March 2, 2024 is the last invitational weekend with a test available.

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