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I am giving an invitational test for the first!

If you are giving the test on the computer, here are some key steps to make sure that your meet is successful.

  1. Read the printed instructions that come with the test.  Print and become familiar with the administration instructions.
  2. Make sure that your computer is configured to a printer and sound is audible ahead of time!  Have someone (it is best to use an individual who is not directly involved with spelling) click through the test on each computer to hear the pronunciations and to see if the printing feature works.
  3. Make sure the students are aware that the computer test does have a timing element.  Each test has a different time.  We allow more time than UIL guidelines for keyboarding purposes.  If a student does not continuously work on the test once it starts, they risk getting "shut out".  The different timings are on the instruction sheet for grades 3-8.   The timings are also provided by the computer program.  Click here for 3-8 Instruction Sheet.
  4. When your student completes the test, make sure that they see a screen with this message..."The grading is now complete, and the test results are printed, click the 'Back' button to reset the test."   Once you have the results in your hand, then let them click "Next" or if you have another student that will need to take the test on that computer, click "Back" to reset.  Do not let the student leave the testing room until you have the printed test in front of you.  If your test does not print, please see the next section.
  5. If a student runs out of time, you have two options.  If they have not had access to materials, you could allow them to take it again.  The second option is to print the test and call out the words that they did not get to and have them write that portion of the test.  Manually grade it and adjust the printed score.

Our invitational test did not print….can I retrieve it?
If a student’s results fail to print, the program has set up a temporary file for each student in the Windows Temp folder.  The files will be designated ASWIT~School name - Student name.txt.  To retrieve the information, go to the computer used by the student whose results didn’t print, go to the program’s Welcome Screen and remove all temporary files by pressing Shift and Right-clicking on the vertical blue ASW logos (located in the border of the program on both sides of the screen) and choosing the option to remove the files. Then go to the Recycle Bin and drag the file you need to the desktop, open it, and print the results.  Another option is to search the C: drive for "ASWIT" and see if the test can be located.

I need an ordering brochure.
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