About Us

ASW was founded in 1986 by Sue Wiggins and her husband, Bill. Mrs. Wiggins created many products that provide a solid foundation for spellers to achieve success in competition.

The company is now owned by Christina Price and is based out of Groesbeck. Christina coached spelling for 18 years and, after many trips to state, ended her coaching career with a team state championship with an incredible group of students. Bringing her extensive coaching background to the company, Christina will work hard to make sure that ASW continues to provide the quality products and customer service that you have been accustomed to receiving for many years.

ASW knows that as a spelling coach that you want to provide opportunities for your students to study effectively, but we also understand that as a teacher, your time is limited. Let us do the work for you. Our goal is to make your job as spelling coach as easy as possible and give you the best chance for victory with study materials that have been proven to work year after year.

ASW Enterprises, LLC.

ASW Enterprises is the Key to preparing your contestants for the UIL Spelling Competition. Consider what these inexpensive, time-saving materials can do for you and your students. Select the items you want for your students and purchase online through our secure website! Under normal circumstances, your materials will be shipped the following day via UPS ground. Call us if your package doesn’t arrive within 2 to 5 days. We appreciate your business!

Our product categories include:

COMPUTER SPELLING TESTS – a computer program on CD-ROM (Windows or Mac). Using the computer program, your students will be able to preview a test, take the test, and receive immediate feedback; and they will be able to use alternate spellings and capitals, as well as special accent marks.  The Windows and Mac versions can be ordered without audio CDs. The computer disk will also have PDF files of the previews and tests—you can print from the disk or drag the files to your desktop and print as many copies as you need.
PRACTICE TESTS PLUS – includes all material in our PRACTICE TESTS (see details below) plus a recorded and printed preview of each test. For the preview, the words for each test are in alphabetical order on the audio CD and on the printed list. The preview allows the students to hear the words pronounced and see them spelled correctly before they attempt a test. By using the preview, which is quick and can be repeated several times if desired, students study a manageable number of words; then they take a test.
PRACTICE TESTS – individual tests on audio CD including all of the words on the 2017-2018 UIL Word Power* (high school list) and A+ Spelling List* (junior high and elementary list). The words on our tests are pronounced at approximately seven words per minute in RANDOM rather than alphabetical order. Included is a printed copy of the tests to facilitate grading.
ALPHABETICAL SPELLING TESTS – individual 50 word tests on audio CD based on the columns in the official UIL booklets. The words on the tests are pronounced at approximately seven words per minute. 
INVITATIONAL TESTS (Available for all grade levels) – for use only if your school is hosting an Invitational Meet.  The invitational test includes a computer version as well as PDF files so that you can print all of the materials necessary for directing the test in a written format.  The computer version will administer a timed test (headphones needed) and then print the graded results!  Tests for each grade level will include the appropriate sections and number of words.  An audio track will be provided as a resource for a pronouncer.  Compatible with Windows only.  Please order at least one month in advance and let us know the exact date of your meet.  Online orders will require information about the meet and the coach's contact information.  Orders placed via fax, email, or phone will require an invitational order form.  Testing materials will be sent to the email provided using a file sharing site (Box) approximately 2-3 weeks before a meet.  Please make sure that our email is not blocked by your server.
WORD POWER COMPANION (High School only) – a detailed study guide for high school students. WORD POWER COMPANION contains the diacritical marks and definitions for all of the words in the 2017-2018 UIL Word Power.* An illustrative sentence is included if the dictionary entry does not contain at least a portion of a sentence. The words for vocabulary study are in a separate section and have synonyms and antonyms listed where appropriate. WORD POWER COMPANION also includes phonetic spellings for all 1500 words, a list of the roots for vocabulary words, and more. Additional copies are available at a reduced price.

MORE HIGH SCHOOL OFFERINGS - We also produce vocabulary flashcards (offered in both computer and print formats), Checkpoint tests, and Part I Proofreading and Vocabulary tests.

ELIZABETH'S CORNER - Check out these products created by Elizabeth McCullough available to order from ASW! The Vocab Game & Puzzle Fun Pack, The Handy Spelling Bringalong or The Fun Pack/Bringalong Combo, all featuring a variety of fun puzzles which will introduce students to the words, develop their skills, and foster the critical-thinking skills necessary for successful encounters with challenging outside words.

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