7th & 8th Grade Practice Spelling Tests (audio CD)

7th & 8th Grade Practice Spelling Tests (audio CD)
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15 previews and 15 tests on audio CD based on the 2019-2020 UIL A+ Spelling List

Practice Spelling Tests (audio CD) includes recorded and printed previews and tests. For the preview, the words for each test are in alphabetical order on the audio CD and on the printed list. The preview allows the students to hear the words pronounced and see them spelled correctly before they attempt a test. By using the preview, which is quick and can be repeated several times if desired, students study a manageable number of words; then they take a test. The words on our tests are randomized and pronounced at approximately seven words per minute.  A printed copy of previews and tests is included.

You may purchase additional sets of audio CDs at a reduced price.

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