5th & 6th Grade Invitational Tests

5th & 6th Grade Invitational Tests
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Be sure to include name and email for spelling coach with your order!

5th & 6th Grade Invitational Test   (Available for all grade levels – for use only if your school is hosting an Invitational Meet) The invitational test includes a computer version as well as PDF files so that you can print all of the materials necessary for directing the test in a written format.  The computer version will administer a timed test (headphones needed) and then print the graded results!  Tests for each grade level will include the appropriate sections and number of words.  An audio track will be provided as a resource for a pronouncer.  Compatible with Windows only.  Please order at least one month in advance and let us know the exact date of your meet.  Online orders will require information about the meet and the coach's contact information.  Orders placed via fax, email, or phone will require an invitational order form.  A link for the required form is found below.  Testing materials will be sent to the email provided using a file sharing site (Box) approximately 2-3 weeks before a meet.  Please make sure that our email is not blocked by your server. 

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